National Team

National Team

The Holistic Moms Network National Team is a group of dynamic individuals dedicated to natural health and parenting. We are honored to have each and every one of them involved in our organization and thank them for their hard work and unflagging enthusiasm. We hope you have an opportunity to interact with each one of them through your involvement in HMN!

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To learn more about our team, read our brief bios:

Meet Holistic Moms Network Founder Nancy Peplinsky:

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 Residence: NJ

 Children:  Two Fabulous Boys

 Life Experience: I have spent my life in education and service, and truly believe in the power of making a difference.  I have a BA, two MAs and a PhD in Political Science and Government and Politics, with an emphasis on international relations, gender studies and feminist theory (can you tell I’m very type-A?!) .  I have worked as a professor, a waitress, an executive secretary, a non-profit research associate, a government caseworker (among others) and, most importantly, as a parent.  Every experience is and has been a learning opportunity!

 Top 3 Holistic Passions: Holistic healing, creating mother-to-mother support and building community, and sustainability

 Wished for World Change:  Connection.  If we begin to understand that we are all connected – to each other and to the planet in physical, emotional, and spiritual ways, we will begin to respect and honor one another.

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What Inspires Nancy About HMN:  The power of moms (and dads) to make a difference, to empower themselves through education and support, and the great love we all have for our children.  Together, we can truly move mountains!

Favorite Quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead


HMN National Team & Regional Chapter Mentors

Andria Kyriakides Somers, Executive Director Andria2016

Residence: NJ

Children: Two daughters, ages 5 and 1

Life Experience: Since getting my BFA in Film/TV from NYU Tisch School of the Arts I have worked in a variety of fields, including post-production, event planning, music education and multiple non-profit organizations.  I also spent a few years discovering my roots in Cyprus and began working in radio there. I had the opportunity to host a weekly radio show while living there and continue to host it remotely. Parenthood was my most life-changing experience thus far and led me to HMN.

Top 3 Holistic Passions: Organic eating, green living, holistic medicine

What Inspires Andria about HMN: Finding Holistic Moms as a new mom helped me feel confident about the decisions I was making as a parent.  The support, knowledge, diversity, ideas and the community are all amazing!

Wished for World Change: For people to be open-minded; only good things can come from being willing to listen, learn, accept and change.

Favorite Quote: “Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open.”  Dalai Lama

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Jennifer OhDirector of Mentoring and Chapter Development , Volunteer Coordinator,  and Regional Chapter Mentor 

Residence:  CA

Children: 2, a boy and a girl

Life Experience: I started out as a fashion designer in NYC (graduating from Parsons School of Design with a BFA) and worked as a woman’s knit designer. During that time, I started a small non-profit group, MESSY (Movement to Educate and Support our Youth). We went into schools and to organizations and assisted with art programs. This was right when schools were dropping art programs due to funding. I went to a 6th grade class in a not so great school in Brooklyn (most substitute teachers refused to teach there) and taught them art once a week. I also ran a program at the Brooklyn Library’s main branch in Grand Army Plaza – combining a reading program with an art program. In total, we had about 5 different programs we offered and ran. Doing this taught me invaluable lessons on paying attention to the needs of our community.

After a decade, I made a huge switch and became the Managing Director of Tiger Claw’s Eastern Division. Tiger Claw is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of martial arts equipment. If you use it in a martial arts school – we carry it. Recently, I returned to California and became Tiger Claw’s VP of Marketing and Public Relations. Working at Tiger Claw has given me an opportunity to meet so many amazing people, many of whom live holistically. Discussions on meditation, health, and bettering our body, minds, and soul are not uncommon. Seeing people do tai chi or qigong in the office is not unusual.

All of this has culminated in me becoming passionate about being as holistic as possible and to be able to guide my kids in this journey.  They have taught me to be conscience of what we put in our bodies, on our bodies, and what we surround ourselves with. I hope you find this information useful and become as passionate as I am.

Top 3 Holistic Passions: Whole/Traditional Food, Gentle Parenting, and Healthy and Holistic Home – these are vital to my peace of mind.

Wished for World Change: For people to learn – learn about themselves, their bodies, and what’s around them. And Compassion – with compassion comes empathy, with empathy comes understanding, and with understanding comes learning.

What inspires Jen About HMN: I have often said that HMN has made me a better mother. I became a member when my son was born and I received so much knowledge, caring, and support that I was able to confidently raise my children the way I felt comfortable. I have met wonderful, like minded moms who laugh, entertain, and educate me. HMN has provided me with great friends and the support I need during the good AND the bad times. To this day, I am learning from other HMN moms and discovering new ideas, techniques, and options that may help my family. It is so comforting to know that HMN has always been here when I needed them the most.

Favorite Quote: “Listen to the mustn’ts, child. Listen to the don’ts. Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me… Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.”  – Shel Silverstein

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Lisa Lennon, Social Media Manager / Regional Chapter Mentor, IL, MN, and WI 

Residence: Suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Children: My husband and I have two girls who were born in 2009 and 2011.

Life Experience:  I have a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology and in the past I practiced as an Elementary School Counselor. Currently I am a stay at home mom working part time as an office administrator for an investment firm. I have been a leader since 2012 in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Chapter.

Top 3 Holistic Passions:  Cooking with whole foods, herbs for healing, alternative/complementary medicine

Wished for World Change:  Peace within ourselves and between one another.

What inspires Lisa About HMN:  I love volunteering and always have. Holistic Moms Network is a really great match for my interest in holistic living and love for helping others.

Favorite Quote:  “To the world you may be one person but to one person, you may be the world.” ~Unknown

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Lisa Smith,  New Chapter Mentor and Regional Chapter Mentor, Southeast USA and NH  LisaHeadshot2
Residence: NH

Children: 9 year old boy & 5 year old girl

Life Experience:  I have a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and have worked 15 years as a software engineer for a technology company.  Before my oldest was born, I also became certified as a Holistic Health Counselor and for a while had my own business counseling people who wanted to eat and be healthier versions of themselves. I also did speaking engagements at various venues on health and holistic topics related to my practice.  After I had children, I decided to use that knowledge to raise my family in a holistic way.

Top 3 Holistic Passions:  recycling, buying/selling secondhand, organic and whole foods

Wished for World Change:  People would realize how impactful it is to use your dollars to vote – what you spend your money on is what the world creates more of!

What inspires Lisa About HMN:  I love that HMN is a safe, non-judgmental space for natural-minded parents to find one another.  It is so inspiring and fulfilling to speak with other HMN moms I have just met and know that I do not need to defend and explain my parenting choices to them.  We may not make all the same parenting choices, but it does not matter – we are there to support one another, wherever we each are on the journey!

Favorite Quote:  “My heart is in the work.”  Andrew Carnegie


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Aimee K. Wood, Chapter Mentor, NY and CT 

Residence: West Hartford, CT

Children: One son and two daughters

Life Experience: I went to college at UNC-Chapel Hill where I earned my B.A. in 1997. I then moved to Washington, DC and worked as an assistant directress at a Montessori School. While there I worked on my M.S. in Holistic Nutrition. In 2001, my son was born and in 2002, my daughter was born. We decided to move closer to family so we headed to the Rochester, NY area in 2004. In 2005 I joined HMN and became a leader. In 2008 I became the editor of The Wise Mom digital magazine. In 2010, I joined the mentoring team. Later that year, my youngest daughter was born. We now live in Connecticut and I homeschool all three children and am the leader of the local HMN chapter..

Top 3 Holistic Passions: Nutrition, Alternative Education, Home Birth

Wished for World Change: More tolerance, peace, and kindness

What inspires Aimee About HMN: The ability of the group to unite moms on common ground that would have otherwise not met. The friendships I have made through HMN have been my most cherished.

Favorite Quote: “You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.”  Wayne Dyer

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Karen Armas LandauTrustee

Residence: NJ

Children: Two sons

Life Experience: I’ve done a lot of wandering in my life, education, profession, interests and, though I find myself in New Jersey for more than a decade now, I feel I am still wandering in many areas of my life. Luckily I’ve been wandering by choice! My education comes from the different parts of the world where I have lived, from Kenya to Kyoto to Polynesia to Vermont; as well as my traditional education: Masters of Intercultural and International Management and BS of Psychology. I’ve taught English, Science, Cross-Cultural Communication and – believe it or not! – time management. My longest job was working in a non-profit that provided legal and management assistance for charitable non-profits, where I started as a Program Associate and ended up the Assistant Director, having played many roles in between.

Top 3 Holistic Passions: Natural and least intrusive therapies; NON genetically modified organisms; educational choices.

Wished for World Change: For people to be more caring of the earth and its people, plants and animals. I don’t just mean in a strictly environmental, conservation sort of way, but also in terms of the corruption of governments, or banks, or pharmaceutical (or other) companies.

What inspires Karen About HMN: So many things inspire me about HMN: the people! The ideas! The support!

Favorite Quote: “Todo se puede en la vida” my husband used to say that all the time  “anything is possible”

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