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“When I tried to go to a mom’s group run by a local kid’s gym, my first son was 3 months old.  I left in tears.  I did not want to learn how to leave my baby alone all night, how to get him to stop nursing, how to ‘control’ his ‘manipulation.’  I wanted to learn how to cook and nurse him at the same time.  I wanted his cloth diapers to not leak. I wanted to help him use the potty. I wanted to develop our attachment 24/7.  I had almost given up hope, when a friend who turned me on to homebirth years before told me she had found HMN in her small town.  I called HMN that day and have been a faithful member ever since.  I went to meetings, made friends, attended playgroups, and formed a community of diverse parents who wanted to live holistically and honestly.  We agreed on some things and not on others, but what was critical was that I had found my tribe.  No one thought I was weird for wanting to make my own cleaning supplies; in fact, we had an entire meeting on it! No one thought I was weird for sleeping with my babies because we had no bedroom for them but our own!  No one thought I was weird for wanting to talk for hours about which cloth diapers were truly the best and easiest.”

“In HMN, I really found my people and it helped me gain confidence so that I did not feel defensive or ashamed to share my parenting choices when asked.  As a person who is in the public eye, I don’t think I could have been this open about our lifestyle without HMN to help me through it all.  I feel proud of my decisions and I know I make them because I choose to; not because someone else has told me to. I am not a “closet” holistic green person anymore; I am “out” thanks to HMN and proud of it! “ –  Mayim Bialik, Actress and HMN Member

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“I truly believe that HMN has made me a better mom. Being a member has given me the support I needed to be me and to raise my family as I want to. I’ve made such amazing friends and had so much fun with my chapter. I’ve been an HMN member for almost 10 yrs and it’s been one of the best things I’ve done!”  Jen, CA Member

“HMN has helped me find my tribe. As a new mother, I joined many moms groups and quickly found that they weren’t for me. As my ideals went against mainstream parenting, I found myself closing off and becoming silent in group settings out of fear of judgment. Then I found a local HMN chapter, which flipped everything I knew about moms groups upside down. I found a group that was welcoming and encouraging that I could learn from and grow with.”  Bri, NY Member

“Discovering the local Chapter when we relocated . . . almost 2 years ago was a blessing.  I came to HMN at a time when I was in self-hibernation to restore my health and self; my Chapter has been an integral part of my journey emerging to wholeness.  I found a likeminded vibrant community of families that offer their experience, wisdom, knowledge, support, humor, food, and love.  Best of all, our children are growing up together immersed in this collective consciousness.  Now if only we could all live in the same neighborhood, then we could truly have a village!”  Leilani, CA Member

“Since joining the Holistic Moms group, I haven’t felt alone in any of my decisions, I feel confident in continuing my search for better options for my family.  I have had great conversations and have made such great connections with other moms who are going through exactly the same parenting and health dilemmas as I am.” Karla, NC Member

“HMN has brought insight, information and courage in my life.  Several of this year’s chapter meetings were truly life-changing, introducing me to new perspectives and ways of thinking.  Like how easy eco-friendly cleaning can be, positive discipline, the importance of play.  I am very grateful for the sharing and encouragement in this community. I’m so glad to have found HMN!” Mariana, MA Member

“I just renewed my membership!  This network is truly a blessing! I am a new mom of a 9 month old and I always shout out, loud and proud, ‘I am a Holistic Mom!'” Jennifer, NJ Member

I appreciate my chapter so much and the opportunity it has created to meet others interested in holistic living.  The Online Connection is incredible in terms of gaining information on holistic topics that the national media ignores.  I love the wisdom and advice of mothers all across the nation.  I was just telling my husband about all of the changes our family has made in the past 6 months to reduce our exposure to toxins and keep ourselves healthy. Thank you HMN!” Tricia, MN Member

“I’ve been a member of many wonderful, supportive parenting organizations, but when I began getting involved with HMN, it immediately became my favorite organization.  When I am at meetings, I feel like I am in a room of people who support the parenting choices I have made.  The beauty of it is that we all didn’t make the exact same choices, but we are all on a quest for healthy, non-toxic living, and we are each doing the best we can for our families.  Thank you HMN for being a lifeboat to all the smart, healthy families who are walking this newly paved path to wellness.” Tiffany, NJ Member

“HMN is an inspiring influence for making these huge, slow changes in society and individually, and I’m honored to be a part of it (joined very recently).  I feel like I’m finally discovering the “cutting edge” of health knowledge, and it’s nothing like what I’d envisioned.  It’s really the opposite of what we are told, in a lot of ways.  Thank you HMN!” Pam, IL Member

“I am grateful for all the members and volunteers that make this organization one of a kind.  I know that I am not alone, that I have support all over the country and right here in my own backyard.  The discovery of HMN and becoming a chapter leader has truly been one of the most inspirational moments in my life.  We are making a difference – All of us!” Casey, MD Member

“HMN has always offered me hope.  That’s it.  I have been at different places on this holistic journey as a person and as a mother – and my needs and interests have changed as my family has grown in time and size.  It’s very nice to grow at my own pace with a group whose interests, needs, advice, resources… continue to take a life of their own.  The resources here and support are still endless.” Michelle, CT Member

“For me, motherhood has been the most amazing journey.  Of course, the journey began with a thousand questions…what to eat, what not to eat, what chemicals to stay away from, what kind of birth to have, whether to vaccinate (and if so, when), what alternative medicine or practices to use, and what to do about schooling…Oh, how I wished for a group like this!” Carol, NY Member

“I am so very grateful for this community.  I admire and am inspired by the intelligence and courage of so many of the holistic moms I have met.  In a society where mother’s intuition, a woman’s instinct to nurture her family, and our connection to nature are often squashed or lost in the shuffle, HMN has given me so much in terms of information, support, and just knowing that there are so many others out there like me – so I can stand my ground and stay connected to the sweetest things in life!  It is an invaluable gift that you give to so many women all over our country!” Jennifer, CA Member

“I can not thank you enough for supporting me and my journey in motherhood.  I feel so abundant and rich with friends, some I have never met yet, some I only know via email, yet I know I have found my tribe, a place to call home, a place to come home to after a busy day of work then tending to my family.  Knowing I have HMN keeps me whole, keeps me connected.  It ignites my spirit and helps me learn all the little things slowly but surely, like helping my home become non toxic, changing my toothpaste, or just knowing there are SO MANY LIKE minded parents striving for fulfilling their children’s purpose in life.  Thank you for all that you have done, do and will do.” Alison, FL Member