Helping Moms In Need

Helping Moms in Need Membership Program

It is our desire that every family who wishes to belong to our community is able to do so.  That is why we established the Helping Moms in Need Program.  We are grateful to be able to offer memberships to parents who would like to become – or continue to be – members but are unable to do so because of financial hardship.

Many of our members are at-home moms (or dads) living on one income and we have worked hard to keep our membership fees low in recognition of the fact that we all need to live within a budget to manage our families. Our Helping Moms in Need Program is designed to help those who are facing difficult financial situations including but not limited to those who are single parents, temporarily unemployed, or receiving state or federal aid.

Helping Moms in Need memberships are awarded on the basis of financial need and are funded through generous donations from individuals, sponsors, and other donors.  All applications to our Helping Moms in Need Program will be reviewed and considered by our Program Committee and all information provided will be kept strictly confidential.  Giving a gift to our Helping Moms in Need Program is giving the gift of support to a mom in need:

“I really cannot express how truly wonderful this group is and how it has changed my life. I have learned to care for my family even better than before and keep them healthy without the need for expensive treatments that often don’t work or are harmful. . . This group empowers us as parents to take on the role to nurture and keep our families healthy.  I am thankful to have found my tribe!  I wish every woman had a chance to attend one meeting. I remember how wonderful I felt after my first meeting. I felt at home with all these women, and for me that was a new feeling I had not experienced before. I had always been on my own as a mom, with no other moms to share with. I now recommend this group to other moms I meet, even online in health groups I tell moms to visit HMN’s website and find a local chapter.  It’s truly a gift!  Thank you.”

– J.M., Helping Moms in Need Program Membership Recipient

A limited number of Helping Moms in Need Memberships are available.  Only those demonstrating true financial need will be accepted.  All Helping Moms in Need applicants should consider what portion of the membership they can contribute to and how they can contribute to their Chapter by volunteering.

To be considered for a Helping Moms in Need Membership, please click here to fill out our online application.

Members approved for the program will receive a regular Welcome Packet for their local chapter and will be afforded all the benefits of Holistic Moms Network Membership.

Want to become a Sponsor of this amazing program?  Click here to learn more about becoming a Sponsor of our Helping Moms in Need Program!   If your business shares our mission and purpose and want to help support moms, please contact us at!