Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

My favorite thing about being part of Holistic Moms Network is the community of like-minded women.I learn so much from the group.I feel more informed after meetings and individual discussions.I strive to improve my parenting as well as my family’s health and vitality. Jennifer, IL Member

With your member donation to the Holistic Moms Network community, you can access so many fabulous gifts!  Members of the Holistic Moms Network enjoy a variety of benefits in addition to knowing that your contribution supports thousands of parents on their holistic journeys!  Your membership donation of just $30 gifts you back:

Community Membership: As a member of the Holistic Moms Network, you will have many opportunities to meet other holistic parents and build friendships locally and nationally both in local communities and online, where you can connect, share, and support one another.

HMN Online Member Community and Facebook: All HMN members can join the HMN members-only Facebook closed group, as well local Chapter Facebook groups and email loops!

Special Offers from Our Sponsors: As a member of our organization, you can take advantage of special offers from our Sponsors.

Members-Only Rates at Special Events: Members of HMN receive special rates at events such as our annual Natural Living Conference and other HMN-sponsored special events.

Local Chapter Participation: Members may affiliate with a local HMN chapter, if one is available, or consider starting their own community! Chapters offer a variety of activities, including monthly meetings, guest speakers, and more!

FMTVFree One-Year FMTV Education Subscription: Join (or renew) and receive a one-year subscription to FMTV Education, online streaming of fabulous natural-living documentaries, online recipes, expert interviews, and more!

Free Homeopathy e-Course: HMN members who join or renew in 2018 receive free access to a 40 video e-Course called Homeopathic Healing Solutions: Learning to Use a Homeopathic Medicine Kit with homeopath Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH. Members also have the opportunity to purchase the 80 video e-Course at 1/2 price, with 50% of fund going right back to HMN!

Free Mabel’s Labels: Join or renew in 2018 and receive a free Mabel’s Labels customized Birthday Label Pack. Mabel’s Labels are 100% guaranteed to stay put through the laundry, dishwasher, and microwave.

Being Part of the Solution! All members come together to have their voices heard, to join together to create a healthier and more sustainable future for our children, and to make positive change. Join us and make a difference!