National Sponsorship

National Sponsorship

“I could not be happier and more excited to have joined Holistic Moms Network.  They are just like me and THEY are my perfect and exact target market.  It’s a relief when you don’t have to convince your customers to make healthier and more holistic choices – it’s already how they enjoy living and raising their families.  A dedicated group like this is extremely hard to come by and I’ve found it here with Holistic Moms Network – as a member and as a sponsor!” Kim Mendes, Yoreganics


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Holistic-minded moms are a growing and active force in the green and organic marketplace and are very loyal to the brands and businesses they love.  We are educated consumers who look for labels, certifications, and products that meet our standards for living an organic, non-toxic, and sustainable lifestyle. We appreciate companies who share our commitment to natural living, health, and environmental sustainability.  And in this growing organic products sector, we connect with the people behind the brand and look for credibility, integrity, and transparency when making purchasing decisions.

The goal of our Sponsorship Program is to offer mutually-rewarding partnerships with green, holistic, and sustainable businesses and brands. We invite a select group of national brands who share our mission and purpose to join our Sponsorship Community. Our Sponsorship program can help you raise brand awareness and increase exposure of your products and/or services among a growing, targeted audience of holistic-minded families. Holistic Moms Sponsorship is a selective opportunity for companies who meet the informed standards of our community.  Contact us to learn more about how you can build a connection with your consumers and cultivate a relationship that will redefine your company through Sponsorship! Each level of our Sponsorship Program offers exciting opportunities for your business. Contact us for details on the different levels and benefits of Sponsorship.  We have nationwide opportunities that are affordable for smaller start-up companies and large national brands!

Please note: Community Sponsorship relationships are affiliations with like-minded businesses in a variety of holistic industries. Sponsorship does not automatically confer exclusivity within a specific genre or profession and, as with any promotional opportunity, HMN cannot guarantee results.