Are you a natural Leader? Want to share your passion for holistic living with others? Consider starting a new HMN Chapter or become a Chapter Co-Leader for an existing group!


Building a new community takes hard work, passion, dedication, and commitment. HMN looks for Chapter Co-Leaders who possess these virtues, as well as leadership and organizational skills. Not everyone can be a Co-Leader. We are looking for energetic, passionate leaders who are willing to bring change and support to their area! If you feel you are a good candidate for leadership, read on!

What does it take to be an HMN Chapter Leader?

While many skills are valuable to an HMN Chapter Co-Leader, we believe that all HMN Chapter Co-Leaders must have Purpose, Passion, Persistence, and Energy!


Each and every Leader of our organization, from our Board of Directors to our Chapter Co-Leaders, upholds our purpose of creating nurturing communities of parents who support one another, share their knowledge and experiences, and encourage awareness about holistic parenting. We are all volunteering our time, our skills, and our efforts to help parents get connected, to share information about alternatives in health and parenting choices, and to build our networks – bringing together parents, holistic practitioners, and other providers of natural living and parenting.


Our organization is driven by the diverse passions of our members – passions that not only inspire us to seek out natural and holistic living and mindful parenting, but that also drive us to share those passions and to help others learn and grow. Although our passions may be different, all HMN Co-Leaders want to share our views, to find support for and nurture our passions, and to inform others of the knowledge and experiences we have acquired on our life’s journeys.


Being a Chapter Co-Leader isn’t always easy. Sometimes building a community can take time, especially when that community strives to create diversity and to educate others about alternatives that may not be widely accepted in mainstream culture. It takes work to create a new community – whether that means organizing events and meetings or spreading the news of your chapter throughout your region. Things may flow easily from the start or, more than likely, there will be a few bumps along the way. HMN Chapter Co-Leaders are persistent – reminding themselves of their purpose and passion when they do encounter those bumps and forging ahead to discover how rewarding community-building can be!


A Co-Leader’s energy is the key to the energy and success of the entire Chapter. If you are passionate and excited about HMN, your members will also share your enthusiasm. Energy transfers. The secret to maintaining a successful Chapter is creating the sense of a warm and welcoming community that extends across the country. HMN members are a special group of mamas who stand together nationally for one purpose and mission – creating a healthier and more eco-conscious future for our children.

HMN Chapter Co-Leaders are a special group of passionate, dedicated moms who wish to share their commitment to natural living with others. It takes a positive attitude, a dynamic and outgoing personality, organizational and computer skills, and a drive for success to be an HMN Chapter Co-Leader. There are many fabulous rewards in being a Chapter Co-Leader, including developing friendships and meeting other moms who share your views; creating a positive and nurturing environment for holistic moms; utilizing your professional skills and talents; and learning more about a number of interesting topics, from each other and from holistic professionals. All Co-Leaders are expected to be both professional and passionate. Co-leading a Chapter is like running a business and requires certain tasks to be accomplished, including holding monthly meetings, submitting meeting reports, updating chapter websites, and regular outreach and publicity.

HMN works with new co-leaders every step of the way, providing a wealth of tools and ideas, and we work hard to ensure success. Co-Leaders will receive a complete step-by-step Leadership Manual, Co-Leaders Training, materials to help them create flyers, utilize social media, and more; and regular tips and suggestions on how to grow their Chapter or deal with issues that may arise. In addition, each Chapter has access to a National Support Leader who is available to assist our Co-Leaders, offering experience and guidance along the way, as well as online access to other leaders to share experiences and knowledge.

To learn details about starting and leading a new HMN Chapter in your area, check out our Start A Chapter page. If you are already a member of an existing chapter and would like to apply to become a leader of that chapter, please contact and request a Leadership Application.