With a photographic guide to pregnancy, Nancy Redd’s just-released book isn’t afraid to go there
Pregnancy is hard, y’all. As your fingers swell up and look like sausages and your engorged breasts seem to take on heartbeats of their own, you may feel as if your body is self-destructing. Although it’s not actually imploding, it is changing rapidly and intensely. Most other pregnancy books tend to focus on the fetus or may gloss over physical symptoms that send many mamas waddling to Dr. Google and baby boards. Not this book!

Pregnancy, OMG! is 100 percent mama-centric, filled with non-airbrushed photos of diverse real mamas-to-be, as well as medically accurate advice on dozens of topics other pregnancy books often ignore, including jewelry allergies, dry mouth, pregnancy thrush and more—lots more, especially “down there.”

After three challenging pregnancies of my own, which resulted in two great kids (my daughter, Baby Nancy, is a rainbow baby—miscarriage and other darker aspects of pregnancy are also discussed in the book), I wanted Pregnancy, OMG! to be everything a pregnant woman needs to get the emotional and physical support necessary to have the healthy pregnancy that she deserves. And if I do say so myself, this book delivers! Pun intended.

Click the link below for a sneak peek into the realest and most representative pregnancy book to ever hit the market.